SAM Hokusai Water Bottle
SAM Hokusai Water Bottle

SAM Hokusai Water Bottle

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SAM branded 32 oz stainless steel water bottle by Liberty Bottle.  Features image The Mansion of the the Plates by Katsuhika Hokusai. 

The Mansion of the Plates is a woodblock print made by Japanese ukiyo-e artist Katsuhika Hokusai from the series 'One Hundred Ghost Stories', around late 1831 during the Edo period of Japanese history. The print depicts the spirit of a woman emerging from a well with blue plates that seem to follow her spirit in a trail.  The story of her death relates to the plates being accidentally broken and her demise following soon after. 

Full color printing on black bottle, artwork on one side of the bottle with SAM Logo in light green on opposite side.  Screw on/off cap with 2 inch diameter interior opening,

Hand wash only.

SAM Exclusive

Materials: Stainless Steel bottle, screw-off plastic cap with handle.

Dimensions: 11 x 4 inches (diameter)

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