SAM Amida Buddha Magnet
SAM Amida Buddha Magnet

SAM Amida Buddha Magnet

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Wrapped magnet with image of Amida Buddha (Japanese, ca. 1130). Includes card with artwork information and cellophane wrap.

Seated cross-legged, this Amida Buddha is in a meditative pose with his eyes slightly downcast and hands held in the meditation mudra. It was constructed using a technique called yosegi-tsukuri, which was developed in the late 10th century. In this method, statues are assembled from multiple wood blocks, which are then carved and hollowed out. The resulting statues, such as this one, became lighter in weight compared with those carved from a single block of wood. A coat of lacquer and gold was then applied to the surface. This sculpture would have been seated on a lotus pedestal, possibly flanked by two bodhisattvas. It was originally from a temple in Kyoto, and is an exemplary work made in the 12th century in the capital area.

SAM Exclusive

Material:  Magnet with cardstock/cello packaging

Dimensions: 3.6 x 2.6 inches

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