SAM Banquet Still Life Magnet
SAM Banquet Still Life Magnet

SAM Banquet Still Life Magnet

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Wrapped magnet with image of Banquet Still Life, by artist Abraham van Beyeren (Dutch, ca. 1653-1655). Includes card with artist information and cellophane wrap.

This still life is filled with depictions of the riches enjoyed by seventeenth-century Holland at the height of its dominance of world trade: Chinese export ware, imported fruits, Venetian-style glassware, Dutch silver and a nautilus shell in a gilt mount. Dutch consumers reveled in these earthly pleasures, but would have recognized a cautionary tone lurking below the surface of all this casual opulence: tipped-over vessels suggest worrisome disorder, half-eaten foods will grow stale or spoil, and a watch in the foreground is a reminder that sensual pleasures are fleeting.

SAM Exclusive

Material:  Magnet with cardstock/cello packaging

Dimensions: 2.75 x 2.75 inches

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