SAM Crow Screen Magnet
SAM Crow Screen Magnet

SAM Crow Screen Magnet

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Wrapped magnet with image of the Crow Screen (Japanese, early 17th century). Includes card with artwork information and cellophane wrap.cs-m

A pair of six panel screens, the Crow Screens have been one of the most iconic works in the museum’s collection.  These screens present a striking image of ninety black crows against gold background. The screens capture the motion of the crow so cinematically: one could almost see them taking flight or hear their cawing. Its authorship remains a mystery because of the absence of a signature, but whoever painted these screens clearly observed the bird carefully and was a master in rendering its motions and poses.

SAM Exclusive

Material:  Magnet with cardstock/cello packaging

Dimensions: 3.6 x 2.6 inches

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