SAM Puget Sound Magnet
SAM Puget Sound Magnet

SAM Puget Sound Magnet

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Wrapped magnet with image of Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast.  Includes card with artist information and cellophane wrap.

Albert Bierstadt was a German-American painter best known for his lavish, sweeping landscapes of the American West. Albert Bierstadt was a great adventurer and made many trips to the United States' western frontier regions, which is why one enthusiastic New York reviewer believed this painting represented the artist's faithful "portrait of a place." But Bierstadt had likely not yet traveled to the Washington Territory in 1870. The painting was possibly a commission from a New York shipping magnate who had made his enormous fortune on the Pacific coast. Enterprising artist that he was, Bierstadt did not shy away from the challenge of painting a place he had not yet seen.

SAM Exclusive

Material:  Magnet with cardstock/cello packaging

Dimensions: 3.6 x 2.6 inches

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